This is a portion of the Aquarians contract with Sea Divers to provide training for a NAUI Openwater SCUBA certification and for free refresher training.

Cost of course: (approximate)

* Course fee:   $350
**Club membership: $20.00   Aquarians Dive Club

Included in cost of course: NAUI certification, workbook, logbook, dive table, handouts, DVD,  use of regulator, alternate air source, buoyancy control device, tanks/air, depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, compass, dive computer, weight belt/weights, underwater light, two pool lifeguards, and instructor fee. Wet suits, when required, may be rented for $10.00 for use during open water training.

Required personal items:
Mask, snorkel, fins and boots.
Gloves (cheap thin cotton work gloves).
Swim suit and tee shirt.
Log book (not needed until open water dives.).
Do not purchase any equipment until after the academic class on scuba equipment.

* Cost is based on local dive shop(s) contracted by the Aquarians.
** Must be paid on first night (unless already a member).

Free refresher training
Aquarians Dive Club will provide free refresher training for club members who desire it. (club membership is $20 per year.) The refresher training will be held on any Wednesday evening when regular pool training is being conducted (make arrangements ahead of time). Members are encouraged to take the training if they have been away from diving for an extended period or just feel they need a little extra training.

The dive shop will furnish, for free, air and any other equipment needed except mask, snorkel and fins. Contact Sea Divers (334)774-DIVE to make arrangements.